Dragon Tales

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Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales

What could be more magical than a well-woven story? Since the ancestors realised there was a tale to tell, we have loved to sit, listen and join in the weaving.

Alchemy specialises in stories of dragons, both our own creations and new versions of traditional tales. Will you hear tell of "The Black Dragon of the North" or perhaps learn the fate of "The Stoorworm"? Would the tales of Wales, land of dragons, be to your liking or would you perhaps prefer the serpents of ancient China?

Dragon Tales
Dragon Tales at Halloween


Kids and adults alike love the magic of stories around the fire or in the Hall at Halloween! Ermintrude the Witch and her friends have a cauldron full of spooky tales all ready for the telling. Our dragons love to come out for a little walkabout at Halloween too, should "meet and greet" be required. We have tales to enthrall folk of all ages, and select the day's telling accordingly. Our stories vary in length from five minutes upwards. Our story sessions are usually 20 - 30 minutes in length for children, but can be longer for older audiences.

And then there is... Dragonology

Yes, the science of dragons.
Have you ever wondered just how a dragon can breathe fire?
How can such a huge creature fly?
How many types of dragon are there anyway?
Do they really just eat and burn everything, for the sake of it, or is there
something more than that going on in their scaly heads?
All will be revealed on request alongside the telling of tales!

Our dragonology sessions are usually around five minutes long and make a lively ending to our storytelling.

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